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Tip Guide: What should members in the process of releasing know that they probably weren't told?

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Get a copy of your MPRR and all your T4s from EMMA

Get everything checked and fixed at dental. No matter how minor it seems. Anything. Go to dental.

The release medical is not very thorough. Ask specifically for blood work and anything else you feel you should have.

Apply for benefits from VAC ASAP!! Expect to wait over a year depending on the type of injury you claim

You do NOT have to be out to apply for VAC benefits. You can apply for benefits even if you are still serving and don't plan on getting out

If you submit a VR, the longest they can hold you is 6 months. Not 6 months from when they recognized your memo, 6 months from when you submitted it

It's possible to get a 30 day release, but at the very minimum you will need another job offer to show your CoC. Even then, if your trade is red, they can still deny you a 30 day release.

Submit the paperwork to cash out your pension they day after you release. It takes 45 days for it to go through, and as long as you don't mess up the paperwork on your end, they usually stick to their time line

If you are releasing before you retire(20 or 25 years), elect for a Transfer Value of your pension. The other options are not worth it.

If you elect for a Transfer Value with your pension on release, you will receive half of it to keep. You can transfer it to your own RRSPs, or you can keep it cash. If you keep it cash, it WILL be taxed.

If you think you might re-enlist, leave your pension alone, don't take the transfer value. When you join again, you don't have to start your 25 years of service again. all you need is 9340 days for pension.

There is a life after the military, but don't quit on a whim. Plan your move and do things right.