Practical Fitness

Practical Fitness


Tip Guide: Looking for fitness tips that aren't obvious and that you won't find everywhere else on the internet

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Try doing exercise in non-ideal conditions. During training, you are more likely to do PT sleep deprived, hungry, and maybe even cold and wet. Anybody can perform well with proper nutrition. You won't always have proper nutrition though!

Get a doctor to assess your arches. Having poor support puts extra strain on every other part of your body. Pay for prescription insoles if you have to. Proper foot support is a game changer.

Stretch in the shower after PT. Assuming you're not in a group shower.

Practice exercising soon after eating junk food. In training, unless you already had a good diet, you will likely go for food that makes you happy, like pizza or something. This will help with breaking through some mental barriers

Always always always warm up! Doing exercise while your body is still cold is a huge reason injuries happen. Especially in Winter!

Cooling down is just as important as warming up properly. Make sure you eat something within 30 minutes of finishing your workout, like eggs or protein shakes. Not eating cancels out a lot of what you just did!

If you are rucking, you should not need to rely on the waist strap. It is only meant to give your shoulders a brief rest.

When rucking for PT, pack your kit as high up the ruck as you can. This transfers the weight to your upper back and shoulders, as opposed to your lower back. Now even leaning forward will help you go

Outside of course, try not to ruck more than twice a week. It is very demanding and high impact on your joints. It's a very practical exercise, but harmful in the long run.

Look up Greasing the Groove exercise. Basically do 10 push-ups, or less if you aren't that strong, every hour on the hour. This should not make you tired. The point is to get your muscles used to the movement, thereby making you better at push-ups!

Get comfortable running outside in Winter. Eventually, you wont feel that burning metallic taste in your mouth, which will put you well ahead of others that just stick to the treadmill

Compression sleeves for your shins greatly reduce the chances of stress fractures, ESPECIALLY in winter!

HYDRATE! Your urine should be almost clear, just with a slight hint of color.

Chug 2 glasses of cold water as soon as you wake up. This will help jump start your body and metabolism.

Keep a log of your workout program's progress

This won't be possible for everyone, but if you can, invest in a home gym. The biggest reason people stop going to the gym is because they get lazy.

Do your own research, but strongly consider taking supplements such as protein shakes. Most people don't actually eat all the nutrients they are supposed to. It's better than nothing

The treadmill is a crutch in Winter. Get out there and build a tolerance to the elements

ENDURANCE is the most important element of fitness in the military