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Tip Guide: Clerks specifically, but anyone, what crucial advice do you have for future and current serving members? What are some things everyone should be aware of but just aren't?

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Keep every single course report you ever get. It's happened before where a course doesn't get inputted into the system, and the course report is the only proof you have that you did the course!

If you notice an extra lump sum in your bank, or that your paycheques are bigger than they should be, speak to a clerk. It's not free money, you never get a "bonus" for anything. The CF will come back for it eventually.

Any time you send an email with a memo or asking for permission or something like that, always get a "Read Receipt". That way you can always go back and reference it if anyone tries to say they don't remember or they deleted the email

Have a copy of your PERS file at home. Whatever documents you give to the OR, keep a copy as things get lost / not entered often.

When on TD / military travel claim breakfast if you left before 0600. Claim lunch if you are traveling between 1130 and 1300 and lastly claim dinner if you got home after 1800.

DO YOUR OWN TAXES! As long as you don't have income outside the military, your tax situation is simple as it's just a T4. Use Turbo Tax online for free rather than H&R Block. No lines, and no paying for a simple service

Invest as early as you can. The sooner you start, the more you will have when you retire.

Stay away from predatory car dealers near bases!

Use your workplace scanner to scan all your PDR/PER. Keep an electronic copy of ALL your Military docs, including leave passes, etc...

Have a backup plan when joining the CAF, in case you don't make it the whole way through training. There is a higher fail rate than you think.