Life on a Ship

Life on a Ship


Tip Guide: What do you know about ship life? What is it like? How long are you away for? How much time is spent on an HMCS?

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Rack out any chance you get. Doesnt't matter if someone says their might be Emergency Stations in half an hour. Get some rest as much as you can. Dont get stuck staying awake for a drill and it end up being cancelled.

LABEL ALL OF YOUR ISSUED KIT, SERIOUSLY, ALL OF IT. Wet weather gear, floater jackets, NCD's, DEU, ALL OF IT. You work and live in a small space with almost no room in your locker. You will have to store stuff in places that are not secured.

The tip about getting as much rack time as possible is very VERY true. To the point that it's worth repeating to make sure it gets seen. Don't anticipate an ex. You WILL burn yourself out.

If its your first time going to sea, and you are not sure you will get seasick - take the Gravol pills a few hours in advance (6-12 hours before sailing). Also carry a barf bag with you at all times.

Buy a toiletry set and bag. Shampoo or Bodywash, soap, toothbrush and paste, deodorant, nail clippers, floss, shaving cream, razor, and flip flops. Everything you need in a bag that you can carry from your mess to the showers.

You will get served a lot of food, but try not to overeat because you may not get enough exercise. Be especially mindful of desserts. Imagine what it can do on a 6 month deployment.