In the Field

In the Field


Tip Guide: What general field tips do you have? What do you do to make your life easier and increase your performance?

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Bring Clif bars, they provide a lot of nutrients and barely weigh anything. They have sweet flavors too.

Keep lighter cam paint around your eyes, and darker paint around your nose and mouth. This helps flatten your face and blend in a little better.

Pull your socks up and over your boots for extra ventilation.

Bring baby wipes. For everything

Bring 1 pair of socks for each day you will be in the field. Change them everyday. Socks that are even a little damp from sweat will start the process of trench foot, unless you regularly change socks

Doesn't hurt to bring some protein in little zip locks to help your muscles recover after a couple section attacks or something like that

Go to Bulk Barn and stock up on some candies. They are great for your morale. And your friend's morale. They will ask for some

Ballistic eyewear - on your face, or in the case!

Use electrolyte tablets when you have a physical day ahead of you

Audiobooks and podcast are amazing in the field

When someone wakes you up for a midnight shift of any sort, telling them "I'm just gonna close my eyes for 5 minutes" is the biggest lie. Just get up when they come for you