In a Foreign Port

In a Foreign Port


Tip Guide: As part of the Canadian Navy, what experience do you have in another country's port? What did you learn the hard way?

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Use the Buddy System, especially when going to a port that has possible security issues, or have a language barrier. Also really important if you plan on going out to drink.

Try to carry only essential items such as cash or a card you plan on using. On some places you may need an ID. Try not to bring all your wallet's contents. You may lose it, or it may get stolen.

Keep your valuables close at all times. Wallets, jewelry, cellphones, bags, etc. Snatchers can swipe a cellphone off your hands and then blend into a crowd easily.

Take note or a photo of your ship's number to call in case of trouble.

Banks have better Foreign Exchange Rates compared to money changers. And also much safer.

Your ship will probably explain to the crew what the locals are like, and what customs to keep mind of. Some ports are friendly to all sorts of tourists. Others might get violent if they find out that you do not fall within their norms.