Going to the Range

Going to the Range


Tip Guide: What tips do you got on any of the CAF's weapon systems?

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Aim small miss small

Don't rest your helmet on the scope. No matter how good it might feel, it does in fact move your scope enough to throw you off at the further ranges.

If you are doing a PWT 3 and can't shoot to save your life, save extra rounds for the 100m prone. It's dirty, but hardly anyone checks if you shot the right amount at each target.

On a rundown, TIME YOURSELF. If you don't have to sprint to the next mound, don't. You are better off getting there not so out of breath and taking well aimed shots. If you are doing this properly, you will probably be the last one to the mound

When gripping the C7 or C8, place your ring finger as high up the pistol grip as you can. Then place your middle finger over that ring finger. This will help you get a real strong grip on the rifle

Keep both eyes open. This helps you see the splash of your shot so you can correct yourself

Dig your magazine into the ground a little bit at the further ranges. This will help you stabilize the gun and your sight picture

Make sure that when you look through the scope there is no "Scope Shadow", as in there shouldn't be a shadow along the edge of the scope obscuring your sight picture

Interval workouts help the most when it comes to controlling your breathing on the rundowns

Shoot when you are done exhaling. Not mid exhale, but at the end. There should be a brief pause at the end of your breath for you to shoot

If you are not sure about the next event, like how many times a target will pop up or how many times to shoot at each exposure, ask the Staff behind you!! If you couldn't hear when it was initially said, you probably aren't the only one.

Be part of the community at whatever base you ultimately get posted to. If your "home" is where you are coming from and not your base, staying in long term is an uphill battle.