Tip Guide: Any tips for maximizing your score on the FORCE Test?

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For the Sand Bag Drag, don't try and muscle it. Use your body weight and just lean back

If you find the Sand Bag Lifts difficult, you have a long time to do it. So just slow it down and pace yourself

Endurance, cardio, mental resilience, injury prevention (mobility/yoga)

Don't let your nerves get the better of you and bring you down. Everyone has different fitness levels, sure, but I have seen women several months pregnant pass this test

Squats are probably the single most important exercise you can do to help prepare you for this test. You go through a squatting motion in every event. Dead lifts are second

You have a mandatory break between events. Lift your arms up to catch our breath easier

Make sure you use your legs as if you were squatting when lifting the sandbags up to the line

If possible, try recreating the test at your gym, home, or even the unit you want to join. The best way to get fit for the FORCE test is to do the FORCE test!

A trick for the Sand Bag Lifts is to bring the bag up to your knee and then use your leg to lift it up the rest of the way

As soon as the sand bag hits the line on the wall just drop it. You don't have to control it

For the sand bag drag keep the sandbag as close to your chest as you can.

Squats are the single best exercise to help you with every event in the FORCE test

Carb load and hydrate the night before