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Tip Guide: Got any experience navigating, GPR or Map and Compass?

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Don't start a leg without a prominent backstop. That's the easiest way to tell if you have gone too far

There is nothing wrong with hand railing roads, as in following them. Just stay in the bush, at least 10m and you will be fine.

The compass is affected by metal, such as your gun. Make sure you hold up the compass away from the gun. If you wear it around your next, just pull the compass as far as the cord allows. That's more than enough

If you suck at pacing, use small landmarks that you can see on the map to pace. A road is 250m away, so you have gone 250m when you reach it kind of thing

It's usually better to go around the swamp if you can. It slows you down, gets you soaked, and makes you vulnerable. Most people would take a small detour over a swamp any day of the week!

Do your eyes a favor and wear ballistic eye wear at night!