Dealing with BGRS

Dealing with BGRS


Tip Guide: Have you dealt with a BGRS for a posting? What advice could you give?

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Always equest the $650 Move Grant as soon as you can. It's basically free money (intended to help replace perishable items that can't be moved)

Always use your DIT/HHT. It's free time and free money to go check out where you will be living.

Don't ever use your own money for moving, get an advance if you have to. You can always claim your receipts, but prepared to wait several months before getting anything back

**PRO TIPS** come from a current BGRS agent.

PRO TIP #1: Upload the Household Goods and Effects form that you get from Base Traffic that shows your pack/load/unload/unpack days when you submit your ILM&M claim. The claim will be processed much quicker with it.

PRO TIP #2: Got kids? You can claim $35/day for “dependent care”. When you’re on HHT, it doesn’t matter if the kids are with you or somewhere else. On ILM&M you can claim 5 days (pack/load/clean/unload/unpack says only)

Read the relocation policy, once you are done, read it again. There is some great policy that are not mentioned often, but highly rewarding, like the real-estate incentive and the spousal interview.