CAF Test Taking

CAF Test Taking


Tip Guide: Got any tips for taking CAF Tests, or just tests in general?

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Practice memorization techniques. The majority of CAF tests are multiple choice

Never leave a question blank just because you don't know. BS the crap out of it, if you even remotely sound like you know what you are talking about you might just get the point

Don't risk cheating. The tests are not that difficult, it's just not worth the risk of getting kicked off course. Worst case scenario you fail, and get several attempts afterwards.

Pay close attention to the test review given the day before. Some of those questions may look familiar come test time

Use any CFAT trainer. Either the one on this site, or any of the other paid ones out there. Use them, they work

On a multiple choice, when in doubt, pick C.

Cramming works

There really aren't many, if any, trick questions. Just think about things for a second, and use your common sense

Many CAF tests are multiple guess, but when you get into the more difficult trades the tests are often very math heavy. Memorization and BSing aren't going to help those. There's still no reason to cheat, there's lots of help available. Just ask.

Practice, Practice, Practice, use BearMarch CFAT practice, and find website with questions and tests. Some sites you have to pay, but they are worth it.

Practice your multiplication table

Some libraries have CFAT test for free online. Use all resources available. Search for CFAT at your local library.