Tip Guide: Any tips about Fitness? Finances? Managing Stress?

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Everything the Instructors do to you is on purpose to stress you out. If you think something stupid is happening for no reason, there probably is no reason. It's all part of the game.

Have a ghost kit for inspection, as in a toothbrush you never use. Use another one that doesn't get inspected. Might save you an extra minute or two of maintaining that stuff.

Expect a 5km morning jog to turn into a 10km jog. Anytime someone falls out, you gotta loop back around for them!

Sometimes you just won't have time to eat at CFLRS, but are expected to anyway. Just swipe your card, chug some juice and pocket some fruit. It's all you can do sometimes.

Set up automatic payments for your bills before you go, at least during training. You never know when the next time you will have access to internet will be

Try waking up early and going for a run BEFORE you go to BMQ. That way it might not be such a shock when it happens for real

Bring Tylenol or Advil. You will get sick at some point if you go to CFLRS. EVERYONE gets sick there at some point

Bring cold meds!!! You WILL get sick, start getting used to a 10:00pm-5:00 wake up time, learn the 24hr clock if you don’t know it, REEAALLY research your trade choices before accepting an offer, practice pushups like your life depends on it

Understand that timings are the most important thing, if one boot is more loose than the other it doesn’t matter. Timings over all

Practice ironing, making hospital corners on a bed, 45 degrees

It isn’t very physical, it’s more mentally rough than physical. Of course be fit before you come but if you’re slightly out of shape that’s okay

If you mess up you can be counselled and getting 7 counsellings out of indoctrination period (first 4 weeks) will get you recoursed. Indoc counsellings are un-numbered so they don’t count

Bring Q-Tips

Bring more cleaning supplies than you think, most of the kit list they make you re-purchase

Don’t stress anything, it’s all a game you just gotta roll with the punches

Bring Vaseline and moisturizer, the air gets dry in the Mega

Green sector is better than blue even though you have less privacy, less to clean and better cohesion in your platoon

Before you come here run, do squats and pushups. But like weightless squats

If you're having a rough go remember that the day to day in the military isn't actually like this. Life gets better once you're qualified in your trade.

Get a new set of socks for your ghost kit for free by using your Logistiks points, and have a perfectly rolled smiley face every inspection.

If you are talking to an instructor and are still not familiar with the rank structure, call them "Staff". It's a safe way to address an instructor without worrying about a jacking.

If you are thinking about submitting a release, just consider that you will still be stuck there for a few months at least while they process you. It's usually just quicker to finish your course if you want off that base so bad

Practice ruck marching before you go so it's not such a shock to you. It's basically a big heavy backpack with all your equipment. Practice with about 40lbs, you likely won't be doing more than that. In BMQ anyways...

Keep your bright ideas to yourself. Just shut up and do what you are in told in training. Easiest way to keep some heat off your back

For the love of God just meet your timings

Buy your own running shoes before you get there. The issued ones are trash

Make sure your kit is always locked anytime you leave your room/cubicle. If an instructor finds any of your kit "unsecured", the course is going to pay for it. Also, things tend to get stolen, so just lock your shit up

Don't lie to your instructors about anything. If you tell the truth, the punishment will be minor(push ups, lose a weekend etc.). But if they catch you lying, you could be charged depending on what it was, and maybe even kicked off course

Bring lots of quarters. Snacks and Coffee machine on breaks can make a world of a difference.

Use the sock system. It works!

Invest in an earpiece to talk to family hands free while doing monotonous chores


You are better off volunteering for a crappy task than rolling the dice on not getting one, and getting the crappiest.

Stress affects everyone differently. Try different things to see what calms you down, but some people will always be overwhelmed. No matter what!

No access to boot bands? Wear the issued socks, and roll the bottoms of your pants into the socks!

ALWAYS have a notepad on you at all times