Bear MarchingTo march with the left leg and arm swinging in sync, and the right leg and arm in sync. Generally only seen being performed by recruits.Bear March was developed by an ex Infantry MCpl, after serving 10 years. Bear March originally started as a blog, writing articles based on personal experience. But I found that left big gaps in knowledge for readers; my entire career was in the Infantry, so I have no personal experience with the Navy and Air Force. In addition to that problem, as I was writing the articles I noticed I had forgotten a lot of the finer points that I wanted to talk about. I toyed with the idea of getting some people from other branches to help me write articles, but that led to other possible issues. What if they have poor English, or poor grammar? What if the person writing the article gives poor advice? After juggling some ideas around, I decided to restructure to make Bear March content mostly user generated. This way members from all trades and elements can contribute if they wish, and any poor advice can be downvoted. On the flip side, great advice can be upvoted and will appear higher on the Guide's page. The gear page was written by myself, with gear I have personally used throughout my career. So basically, I want to make Bear March a one stop shop for Canadian Forces applicants! Many more features will be coming to help new members.

The purpose of this site is to provide as much PRACTICAL knowledge of things to expect in your military career. Not just how things are SUPPOSED to be or work, but how things actually happen in practice. Since the Tips inside of the Guides are User Generated, they may not always be what I would consider a "Good Tip". But since anybody that creates a free account can up or down vote it, I will leave it up if it is well liked. I may also take down Reported Tips, as well as tips that are just irrelevant or too salty.

EVERYONE, regardless of desired trade/branch/officer/ncm, can benefit from the material in this site. The guides are geared towards newer members, looking for guidance in their military careers. Reading some of the guides, you may even decide the Canadian Forces is not for you! You wouldn’t be alone, it’s not for most. This site was started with the intention of enlightening new members about our Canadian Forces. As with any organization this big, there are rumors/false information that gets around about various subjects. They are not necessarily false though, as Canadian Forces policies change regularly, and some information someone passed on may have been accurate at that time. Several years later, the information may very well be out of date. Bottom line, if you are thinking about joining the Canadian military, or are about to start your military career, you will be wondering many many things. I try and provide cold hard facts. Some of the information may seem unorthodox or contrary to what others do or recommend, but I promise I want nothing more than for you to succeed.

Lastly, we are not officially associated with the Canadian Armed Forces or the Department of National Defense. Bear March is a completely private venture!

DISCLAIMER: There are affiliate links throughout the site, mostly on the Gear page. All this means is that some images/links will direct you outside of this website, to the site where you can take a closer look at whatever you clicked on. This does NOT impact you or require any action on your part. It just means the ad/link owner(Amazon/Snugpak etc…) will pay Bear March a small fee if you decide to purchase their product. To clarify, this does not increase the price on anything you find elsewhere, nor does it cost you anything. It’s just a kickback to Bear March, from the company, for essentially advertising for them. The money goes to maintenance costs as running the website is not free!


If you have any questions, ideas, comments or just want to give some feedback on Bear March, please feel free to send me an email at hello.bearmarch@gmail.com.